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We bought a dining set from The room place in April 2009. The side paneling is coming off already and the varnish on top is peeling revealing large spots and marks. All this happened within 4 months of purchase.

We contacted Harlem furniture customer service and they sent an assessor out. He came over to our house without calling first, and we were not home! So we had to call customer service again and make another appointment. He came again, took one look at the table and was out of the door within 30 seconds. Later we go a letter saying that our issue wasn't covered under warranty.

Their furniture is falling apart within four months of purchase and they are refusing to stand by it. This is just ridiculous. So what exactly do they cover under warranty, I don't know!!!! They can label anything and everything as abuse and not have to worry about fixing their junk low quality products!

I wish I read reviews about Harlem furniture before purchasing any of their below quality products

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Clinton, Illinois, United States #115910

I purchased a dining set from Harlem Furniture, I was told it would be coming straight from the manufactures. When the set came, it was already put together, A couple of WEEKS later the screws were falling out of it.

I called them they said it was not covered under warranty. My chairs were the same way. I was informed that the warranty only covered the fabric not the frame.

This was a total rip off. Its a shame these big box companies is ripping off consumers and we don't have the money to fight them.


I am not sure which dining set we purchased. Whatever we purchased is falling apart, that I know for sure.

We have requested that they review their decision. If they still don't honor their warranty, I am reporting them to Better Business Bureau.


Bond, what dining room set did you purchase? I had purchased the Eva Dining Room Set and every set they delivered were damaged and they redelivered 3 times out of the 6 days that they had me *** for delivery, and then they had the nerve to think that I was going to accept the damage merchandise; I did not pay for damage merchandise so I was not going to accept anything damaged.

I am waiting on my refund as we speak.

I am so glad that I did not accept the damage merchandise. I will never buy anything from Harlem again there furniture is very poor quality and there customer service is extremely terrible also; I don't understand how they are still business till this day.

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