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I recently bought a home and was excited about filling it with new furniture. I went to the Vernon Hills location. We were promised that our items were in stock at the warehouse (I bought a rug, two chairs, framed pictures, and two throw pillows which totaled over $1000) and that we would receive them in a timely manner. Our rug was delivered to the store within an acceptable length of time (however we were initially misinformed about its delivery date and it arrived after that date). The chairs and pictures however (and we are still expecting our pillows to arrive via UPS on a still undetermined date) were a whole different story.

I (along with my mother, under whose name the order was placed) spoke to many employees at the Vernon Hills store on many, many occasions. Each time we were told something different (and each time we had to remind them about our names, complaint and order details as if we were speaking for the first time, even though we were calling almost on a daily basis). We were given multiple dates on which the store expected our furniture to arrive via the truck (we intended on picking them up at the store). This never occurred. On this Monday, April 19th, I was speaking to the individual with whom I placed the order. He at first told me that he did not know when the furniture was going to arrive and then within the same conversation, he told me that the computer then showed it was going to arrive on the 20th. He recommended that I contact the customer service department to have them confirm the delivery date. I did contact customer service and I was promised that the furniture was going to arrive on the 20th. Of course, it did not arrive. I was beyond furious. We called the store and again were told that they were not sure what happened and that again, they did not know when the pieces were going to arrive. They informed us that the manager wrote emails to the warehouse. I contacted customer service yesterday, the 20th. I was then told that the furniture was actually not in stock at the warehouse and that it should arrive May 16th. I was told that the pictures however were in stock. I asked if I could drive to the warehouse to pick them up. I was at first told that I couldn't pick them up until April 23rd and then told that I could pick them up whenever I wanted. I decided to drive to the warehouse yesterday evening, on the 20th. When I arrived at the warehouse to pick up my pictures, to my surprise, the chairs were also in stock! I spoke to the individual who was helping me to load my car and I was informed that one of the chairs had been in the warehouse since October.

I am BEYOND frustrated and angry with the treatment and information we received from both the Vernon Hills location as well as Customer Service. I spent not only several hours on this issue, but WEEKS, trying to determine when I would be receiving my furniture, and I never received correct information. I feel lied to, mislead and misguided. I feel that your employees not only have a patronizing way of speaking to your customers but a complete ambivalence to our grievances. If I would have known the hassle this would have been to work with The Room Place, I never would have placed the order. I would have cancelled the order but at that point, I had designed the room based on the color of the chairs that I ordered. I also felt that cancelling the order would not have made any difference to the Vernon Hills store or the Customer Service representatives with whom I was speaking, as I never felt any ounce of concern or interest from them to remedy this situation. Since placing my order, I have searched on-line and have read that many customers have had similar experiences. I've also spoke to many people about this issue and have learned that others knew about The Room Place's reputation. I'm appalled and you should be as well. I plan on adding to these on-line reviews and I have placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I believe that there was some sort of computer glitch and that part of your company's computer system was upgraded while other parts were not. This is not my problem, as I expect the individuals with whom I am working to receive up-to-date information regarding my order status. I expect that The Room Place will be out of business soon as you have no right to take advantage of customers the way that you have been doing- computer glitch or not. It's not right and I would imagine that if you were in my position, you would feel the same way. I had a choice of where to shop and due to your company's false claims and advertising, promising our furniture in a timely manner, we worked with The Room Place. Never again. And I will assure that all of my friends, family or acquaintances, will do the same.

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