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My husband and I ordered a sectional from Harlem over Labor Day weekend. We were told that it would be delivered Wed AM.

We wouldn't be home in the evening and we were assured an early delivery. Well, they call the night before and say between 5-8. Not good! We reschduled for the next day and nobody called.

I called and they told me that I was lying and scheduled it for a Sunday. Sunday was never in our converstation what so ever! Finally it ends up getting here on a Saturday with a waived delivery fee. When the guys left we noticed a tear on the leather.

Today, they delivered a replacement and it was in worse shape than the first one! There was another tear and the arm must have been banged up on something and had wearing there. I found numerous other scrathes and immperfections all over it. The guy was very rude when I pointed it out stating that I would just have to wait for another one.

I called to just cancel my order entirely and the manager said it wasn't possible because it has been 4 days and I would have to do it within 3. I couldn't get anywhere with this guy. He says that there is no corporate office to talk to. So, just because they have been around for almost 100 years doesn't mean squat!

I am still going to fight to get my money back.

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I will never buy from harlem furniture again. They will be out of buisness soon.

I have been re exchanging a *** recliner for the past 5 months. They still can't get it right. They are the worst company ever to deal with..I eventually had to order a different chair. I don't believe they will ever deliver a decent chair.

One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Thanks...for nothing


I did call consumrs afairs one time against Harlem and win, never buy there any more furniture is not worth it for your money

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