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We purchased a three piece sectional and the extended 5 yr. warranty.

However, all pieces are tearing at the seams and Harlem refuses to stand behind their product. It is frustrating. We have a newly built house and furniture only after three years looks awful. Friends come over and comment on how poor the quality of our furniture is.

It is very embarrassing. We spent over three thousand dollars on this sectional not to mention the hundreds of dollars on the extended warrenty. Is there any thing we can do as a group to stop this treatment?

Flyers near stores, newspaper articles, picketing etc. Pist in the suburbs!!!!

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I'm glad I read this post. I have an appointment to pick up a bedroom set this weekend, and I can tell by your response to this paying customer that your customer service sucks.

If you don't have any proof that kids damaged the furniture why would you even bring it into the conversation. That was a childish and ignorant response.

(To the customer)If you want something done, first report them to the Better Business Bureau and then your local news me Howard will definitely look into your claim. Contact one another and form a group complaint.


the photos show rips in the seams. one year warranty on the seams.

seams dont do that unless you abuse the furniture.

no company will help if its abuse.

your kids probably did it and you want someone elts to fix it for you at no charge. it sounds like you need to keep control of your kids

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