Trs is a secondary creditor company for harlem in Chicago Illinois where if you qualify you can get credit through them.

All I have to say is that they told me they will work with me while im having financial hardship. Wrong!!

I told TRS that I could not pay them in full but make partials payments that would still ad up to my monthly payments.

Least bit to say they TRS refused any portions of payments that was not in full at the time it was due.

They have harrassed me by phone and called my references a lot.


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TRS is not a secondary lender, though they misrepresent themselves as one. TRS is a RTO (Rent To Own) company and though they can legally reposess their merchandise they NEVER do. So essentially deal with the harrasing calls, don't pay your bill and enjoy your free furniture!


:) why take the credit & default you ***


bad customer service i needed to fix my couch that was less than 6 months old and they told me that it was not covered under warranty harlem furniture is a big scam for money would never buy from there again.


:( I am very angry that I ever did business with these people. I will end up paying four times more for my furniture than what it costed originally.

The rep over there, Bakiba, or something like that, was very rude everytime I spoke with her. Once I was four days late with my payment and they came out to my house.

They have very shady business practices, they explained the contract to me wrong so I would do business with them. Please do not used them.

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